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Finally, a quick, low-cost, effective way to develop small-diameter monitoring and production water wells.  Currently, we have two lines of well development tools – Environmental Well Series (3/4-inch to 2-inch sizes) and Production Well Series (4-inch and 6-inch sizes).

Qwater is excited to introduce the US Patented Qwater Well Developer (QWD) tool (Patent No. 6,868,904).  After years of testing, improving and trial marketing, we are now producing the best product available for well development.

The Qwater Well Developer utilizes the surge block method and ball valve to develop wells faster and more effectively while maximizing the well yield and lowering water turbidity. Economically priced, the Environmental Qwater Well Developer tools are disposable after each well use to eliminate cross-well contamination.

Qwater Well Developer is the only product on the market that will effectively develop a well and purge clays and silt all in one step.  Quit destroying those expensive submersible pumps with harmful grit!  The smaller Qwater Well Developers can be connected to a standard rigid 1/2-inch PVC or coiled polyethylene pipe to be used as a push rod and riser.   Due to their size and weight, the larger Production Series Qwater Well Developers are meant to be used on a wireline, drill pipe or drill rod.

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